Visit the Farm  

A unique experience, where you will find out what it means

to live in Harmony with Nature

We organise guided tours of our Organic Farm.

The tour lasts about an hour, the first part is an experience that takes place in the fields, where, depending on the time of year, you will have the opportunity to observe the growth of the plants and understand the activities that take place to cultivate them.

The second part will take place in the processing centre where the fruit selection and packaging processes happen after harvesting.


At the end, visitors will be able to taste some delicious juice made from our organic fruits.


The all-inclusive cost is €20.00 per person.


For bookings write to

or call 333 21 86 248

As well as the farm, you can also visit the Giardino del Biviere (Biviere garden). If you visit both, the cost is € 30.00.


For information and bookings write to:

Il Giardino