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Il Biviere

Il Biviere Farm is located in sunny Sicily and develops across fertile land that has been home to the legendary Lake Biviere for thousands of years.


We grow about 110 hectares of red and blond oranges, lemons, clementines, pink grapefruits, Saturn peaches and apricots.


We have been certified as organic since 1993 (Reg. EU 834/07).


To take care of the Planet by developing a reality where land, vegetation, animals and men live in perfect harmony and contribute to each other’s subsistence, respecting and promoting biodiversity as much as possible.


To produce essential yields, in complete harmony with the Laws of Nature, that are beautiful and have excellent nutritional and organoleptic qualities, capable of nourishing both the physical and the energetic spiritual sides of people. To organise and promote educational and informative activities and courses to increase people’s awareness of the relationship between man and nature and the importance of a healthy and natural lifestyle.

Citrus Seasonality Table

Tabella agrumi

” I fell in love with my land day after day, discovering the magic that resides in having a relationship with plants, living organisms that react to love and care just like people. Plants need constant attention and dedication so that they can express themselves in their grandeur and bestow us their gifts. “

“I fell in love with my land day after day…”

“…the profound sacredness of the relationship between man and nature”

” Choosing to grow organically allows us to respect and honour the profound sacredness of the relationship between man and nature, which together can generate well-being and health for our entire planet.  “

– Giangiacomo Borghese

We organise educational and experience based courses at our farm…

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