The history of the Garden

A historic lake that has been turned into a Mediterranean botanical garden of rare beauty

The Giardino del Biviere is found in a place that is rich in history and mythology.

In fact, legend has it that Hercules, son of Zeus, wanted to bring the pelt of the invincible lion that he had defeated as a gift to Ceres, the goddess of agriculture. Having arrived here, where the Goddess lived, he threw the lion’s pelt on the ground and water gushed out, creating a lake in his name: Lacuus Erculeus.

And in order to remember his feat, the nearby city was called “Leontio”.

The lake and surrounding districts changed their names over the centuries to “Biviere”, derived from the Arabic “Veverè”, meaning watering hole for cattle and fish farm.

The State Archives of Palermo preserve the original document of the Edict of King Martino, who in 1392 gave the large landed estate “Biviere di Lentini” to a paternal ancestor of Giangiacomo Borghese, who now owns the land.

From 1393 to today the estate has lived through various transformations, including the remedial work that began in the 1930s, until it became the residence of Scipione and Maria Carla Borghese in 1968. Since 2001, Scipione is no longer with us, but his spirit has remained alive and present in the colours and scents of our beloved garden.

What once was a desolate place, adorned with stones and dust, is today a unique and special Mediterranean garden, thanks to work that has been carried out with love and passion for the plants and the generosity of the soil.

The Giardino del Biviere is a door that leads us to our inner world, our soul, where our senses are awakened through shapes, colours, scents and symbols.


How get here

Giardino del Biviere is located in a quiet countryside area near Lentini (SR), close to the current Biviere lake, a true natural oasis.


GPS Coordinate
Latitude: 37.3089 – Longitude: 14.977

Mappa Giardino Il Biviere