Biviere cooking classes 2020

The cooking classes represent a novelty that fits in well with the philosophy that, with time, has allowed for the creation of a place that is in harmony with our beloved Giardino and the organic/ biodynamic farm. Our cooking classes take place immersed in the fragrances and colours of the garden, under the enchanting arbour where the sacred group meals take place.

All this is led by the host, Virginia, Nutritionist and Natural Cuisine Chef, who has always been passionate about food, nature and people’s holistic wellbeing.

These are the courses offered.


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Based on how we nourish ourselves in the morning, the outcome of our day can differ: energy, satiety, concentration or tiredness, continuous sense of hunger, nervousness. During the cooking class led by the Nutritionist and Natural Cuisine Chef Virginia Gattai, you learn how to prepare tasty breakfasts that allow you to feel full but also, and above all, rich of true nourishment of body and mind. Some of the things you will prepare can be a valuable and well-balanced snack as well, easy and quick to make.


What is gluten? Where is it found and not found in nature? Why have so many people who don’t suffer from celiac disease begun to show a high level of sensitivity towards this substance and have symptoms that are more or less annoying such as bloating, tiredness, headaches, inflammation, etc?

In this cooking class the Nutritionist and Natural Cuisine Chef Virginia Gattai explains why it is important to reduce the gluten in the diet and teaches how to prepare meals that are gluten-free, but at the same time rich in flavour and healthy nourishment!


In the last few years, natural cuisine is in the limelight thanks to more and more people becoming aware of the positive effects of making wise choices and the health benefits this brings not only us, but also our Planet. Natural cuisine is a type of simple cooking based on the utilization of products that are not processed and are not produced on an industrial scale, preferably organic and biodynamic. The foods are mainly whole-wheat grains, legumes, dried fruit, oleaginous seeds, colourful vegetables, spices, aromatic and spontaneous herbs.

During the course the Nutritionist and Natural Cuisine Chef Virginia Gattai will show you how to make use of these foods in your daily diet, in an easy and creative way that will satisfy your palate and guarantee optimal nutrition to your body and spirit.

Note: in this course the lunch or dinner is compulsory


Everyone loves a good dessert, but how often have we felt guilty after having indulged in a nice slice of cheesecake, fruit tart or delicious chocolate chip biscuits?

Nutritionist and Natural Cuisine Chef Virginia Gattai assures us that dessert is not forbidden. The important thing is to be well aware of what the desserts contain, the ingredients, their origin and how often and in what part of the day we eat them.

During this cooking class you learn how to prepare fruit tarts, biscuits, muffins, spoon sweets and many other things that satisfy the senses without unbalancing the metabolic harmony of your body and the delicate balance of your mind.


The Sicilian cuisine is world famous because of the extraordinary ingredients that enrich this fascinating and beautiful island.

Ancient grains such as Timilia, Russello and Maiorca, the Bronte pistachios, the Avola almonds, the capers, a large variety of vegetables that can only be found in this region of Italy, the spontaneous herbs such as fennel and borage, the magical citrus fruits, the bluefish… all this and much more can be found in this cooking class dedicated to Sicily and its unique flavours and fragrances. In this cooking class the Nutritionist and Natural Cuisine Chef Virginia Gattai is assisted by a genuine Sicilian who is a passionate cook and connoisseur of the territory.

Note: in this course the lunch or dinner is compulsory


We are bombarded on a daily basis with every type of toxin, whether it’s dietary, emotional, mental or physical. When we no longer have tools with which to compensate the excess of toxins, the ailments begin and these can slowly become real diseases. That is why a period of detox in some parts of the year can become a truly helpful means to help find not only an optimal physical wellbeing, but also a mental and emotional one.

In this cooking class the Nutritionist and Natural Cuisine Chef Virginia Gattai will show you how to recognize the main sources of toxins to which we are inadvertently exposed every day.

The dishes and the preparations that will be illustrated are all toxin-free and without those substances that weigh down those organs that are in charge of cleaning and detoxing. They will, instead, become very effective in helping the body eliminate what it does not need and reinforce the intestine’s and immune system’s good health. Furthermore, for those who are interested, a 21-day detox plan will be given upon request.


This cooking class will not only let you immerse yourself in the fragrances, colours and consistencies of Mother Nature’s foods, but it will be a true experiential and creative activity where we talk about and explore food in physical terms as well as energetic-spiritual terms. In essence, the Nutritionist and Natural Cuisine Chef Virginia Gattai will guide you in a true “colour journey”, talking about the healing and health benefits of foods and their effects on the chakras, the 7 main energy centres that make up our Being. What we eat influences not only our physical body, but also the quality of our thoughts and emotions. During the course, recipes will be illustrated and prepared to realign every chakra, enabling the production of energy, vitality, health and enthusiasm in one’s life.

Details of the 3 hours event

NURTURE THE ROOTS: the rooting and foundations of our being. Foods that give stability and structure: proteins and plants that grow underground. Eat in a state of presence.

Corso di cucina

NURTURE THE FLOW: creativity and movement of emotions. Foods that favour ” the flow”: Fats, water and tropical fruits. Be creative in the kitchen.

NURTURE THE FIRE: the self-esteem and the power of thoughts. Foods that support a person’s energy: carbohydrates, fibres and spices. Eat with balance.

NURTURE THE HEART: love and wisdom of feelings. Foods that promote openness and expansion: green leafy vegetables, sprouts and crucifers. Eat with gratitude.

NURTURE THE TRUTH: Authenticity and expression through voice. Foods that promote “communication”: watery fruit, sauces, juices, soups and seaweed. Eat with all the senses: mindful eating.

NURTURE INTUITIONthe inner vision and the power of imagination. Foods that help memory and cognitive abilities: caffeine, chocolate, alcohol, spices and berries. Eat intuitively.

NURTURE THE SPIRIT: light and connection to a higher purpose. Foods that absorb sunlight, organic foods, raw foods, and detoxification practices. Eating in connection with everything that is.

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